jj_wrap (updated for 201)
jj_wrap is similar to Pointfit/Shrinkwrap and will project points onto geometry.

jj_fillet (updated for 201)
jj_fillet rounds vertices into curves

jj_curvealign (201 only)
Aligns poly selections to curves so that curve operations like extrude and clone are oriented correctly.

jj_bgsnap (201 only)
jj_bgsnap 'snaps' points to the nearest point on a background layer.

jj_edgetocurve (201 only)
jj_edgetocurve converts edge selections to curves

jj_pointknife (201 only)
jj_pointknife slices between selected points.

jj_worldalign (201 only)
jj_worldalign aligns points to the last selected point on any axis but also works in world space for item-transformed objects..

jj_target (201 only)
jj_target targets lights and cameras at geometry

jj_loop is a tool for selecting multiple loops at a given spacing.


jj_even is a simple utility to 'straighten' out points and space them evenly.

jj_superspherize (updated for 201)
jj_superspherize is a rudimentary volume deformer for spherizing an object but can also project geometry on to an implicit sphere in any location.

PolyBevel Presets
PolyBevel Presets applies predefined bevel shapes to your geometry. You can create your own custom library of bevels and then apply them in either group or single poly mode.

PolyBevel Grabber
PolyBevel Grabber is a sister script to PolyBevel Presets and lets you 'grab' a bevel profile from a set of points and then reuse it immediately on other geometry.

jj_tricount will tell you how many tris your geometry makes if you were to triple it.